Product consulting

Why I do product consulting

Short answer: I do product consulting because I love product management. In fact, I think that for many years to come, product management will remain the best job in technology. It’s a great time to be alive and work as a PM. :)

I also have many good friends in tech, and most of them are smart, driven people with lots of positive energy and passion to build companies. And yet they struggle when trying to build a startup. Way too often I saw smart people making silly mistakes which they could avoid if only they had someone to advise them on product strategy, help them flesh out their ideas with product workshops.

At some point, I stepped up and I started helping them. I can help you, too.

Who you are

You’re a founder at an early stage seed or series A startup, and both your product and your life have been getting too complicated: you’re getting pulled into many different directions by your users, customers, and department leads. Heck, you’re not even sure what your product vision is.

You need to figure our where all this is going, and you need to figure it out fast. Ideally, yesterday.

And I can help.

So, how exactly can you help me?

I will help flesh out your product vision, product strategy, and process: short and long term.

Together, we will analyze your roadmap, your market, business model, customers, and pricing strategy. If you’re looking to hire a product manager, I’ll help you interview the candidates and make sure that the lucky someone who gets the job has necessary skills and aligns with your team’s culture.

If you need help understanding your customers, I’ll sit in on your customer interview calls and coach you on improving your process after.

It’s going to be and intense structured process, and you’ll love it. Everyone I worked with did.

Ok, I like you. What’s next?

Let’s have a chat. Send me an email at [email protected] and we’ll take it from there. :)